Stacie Bost Husband Poacher

Stacie Bost Husband Poacher

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This disgusting narcissistic train wreck pursues men who are married or already in relationship. She targeted my coworkers when he was brand new to our line knowing his wife already worked there in our quality control department. They were a happy couple and his wife was sweet and trusting of her, even let him go over to her house to mow her lawn when she claimed her mower was broken and to help her fix some things at her house, but then laughed telling us his wife was so stupid and that he was “fixing her”. She hung all over him, flirting with him, making him feel sorry for her, told him he was the perfect man for her, that she fantasizes about him with sex toys, on and on. Then when his wife called her out on it she denied it of course to her, but told us that work with her that he wasn’t happy and was leaving his wife. She was relentless and borderline psychotic with him. When he finally got wise to what she was doing and told her to stop she then targeted his wife and started having her crony tell the wife that he was pursuing her and that they were texting all the time and he said he married the wrong woman. She almost ruined their marriage! When this couple finally got her to stop she moved on to another couple that both worked there together. She need to be put in her place and leave taken men alone!

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