Stacy Tyner Finley — Back at it again. side chick doesn’t know when to quit

Stacy Tyner Finley — Back at it again. side chick doesn’t know when to quit

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She had an affair with my husband last year. Many denials and lies later the truth came out. I ended that sh1t quick and in a hurry. I didn’t expect him to come home and it be like before at all. I’m not naive. Unlike her. He played her as much as he did me. In the end it was recordings of him still saying he loves me that made her realize he wasn’t the amazing guy she thought. Fast forward to now. He came home right before his birthday. We got married and I found out I was pregnant with our baby. Life seemed to be back on track. Until a month ago. He asks for 2 nights a week away from home. Hell no. Little things adding up here and there to find out he is at LEAST talking to his “twin flame” again. If not more. I always assumed he had a secret phone and it was confirmed. And he wants to be apart just at the same time her husband changes his profile on Facebook to “separated” a little too coincidental for my taste. I was stupid to let him come home. But she is stupid now. She thinks she knows him. She doesn’t know shit. He doesn’t want a divorce (ive asked for one) but I’m sure he tells her otherwise. All she will ever be is a side chick but shes too ignorant to realize that. A masters degree doesn’t mean common sense. I will fight for my husband and our marriage. And maybe she should do the same. Fuking lowlife waste of precious oxygen sloot bag.

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