Stephanie Alexander This precious gem

Stephanie Alexander This precious gem

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This husband and wife duo use men to get money and help pay their bills, she uses her sexual energy to lure men in to buy her gifts and pay for things like fake boobs and what not. Her husband sits back and watches her do it, and destroy good men. She will play men and make them think they have a chance and lead them on for months, telling them they will be together. I’m saying this because my husband got caught in this “fling” of affairs where husband and wife are a team, where I’m sitting here heartbroken because my husband thought he found “better” when all he found was a user and a liar and ruined marriage all because he felt it was better then the life of four kids and a wife who would hands down do anything for him and makes sure he and the kids are taken care of every single day who works full time as well… I hope this gets out so this kind of nonsense and cruel unusual punishment doesn’t happen to anyone else, people or woman do this to other men or people are an absolute disgrace to society and should be punished for what they do, karma is always a friend, and it will happen sooner or later.

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