Suan (Tracie) Gay McKenzie Jay Lobdell

Suan (Tracie) Gay McKenzie Jay Lobdell

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My husband is 19 years older than this woman who was 36 at the time the affair started. What does someone want in someone that much older – financial security, am I right? They work at the same place, in different departments. They struck up conversation and she identified him as someone financially stable who could provide financially for her self and 8 year old son. So she pushed. My husband told her twice that he was married. Yes, he gave in, after she acquired his cell number through another coworker and started sexting him. She knew what she was doing and how to tempt and he gave in. I found out on his phone 3 months later. I found out that much of the relationship was blow jobs in the car at various park and rides, Target parking lot near work. She was at our house twice. Needless to say I have new living room furniture because I wasn’t going to sit on her stank. After I caught my husband, it was rough. Really rough. You think you will kick them out until the time comes and you understand the temptation she put in front of him, how she used her body and fake kindness. I say fake kindness because in truth, she never asked much about him or his 3 adult children. She only asked things to find out what he could provide for her in the long run. She kept throwing her young kid in his face – he has since told me he NEVER wanted to be any kind of father figure to him. Of course he didn’t tell her that – he wanted to keep his side piece but stay married too. Since finding out about this almost 3 years ago, she has sent me text messages through the Text Now service. She doesn’t hide that it is her sending them. Oh, and did I mention she is married. A year after I found out about her and my husband, she was married to a guy who is even OLDER! Why would a 37 year old woman want to marry a 62 year old man. For financial security only I’m sure. Or she has daddy issues. She sings in a church praise band (horribly too – she cannot harmonize at all). She stands on that stage as if she’s the soul performer – note to cunt – no one is at church to watch YOU perform. They are there to listen to the music. Anyways, the first guy she USED was her ex husband to get over to the United States from Jamaica. They had a kid. Relationship was volatile and not just on his part. She’s a hot head and has a record. So that’s the gossip. She moves on with her life as if she didn’t hurt a soul. As if she is the victim. How her current husband can trust her, I have no idea. Obviously the fact that my husband was married didn’t matter to her. (Yes, it didn’t matter to him either, but we are dealing with that. I can understand how this went down and the temptation she put in front of him. No, she is not just to blame, I get all of that. But he DID resist at first by telling her twice he is married – if she had any morals or was truly the Christian she claims to be, she would have let him settle things one way or the other at home first). She got her front teeth fixed at least. Didn’t help. She is not naturally pretty – needs lots of fake hair and makeup. Anyways, she continues to hurt me by sending me messages through TextNow. So feel free to message her on FB: Profile is [REDACTED]

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  1. windwhirlMarch 11, 2022 at 8:22 am

    A 30+ year old woman wearing a little girl’s bow in her hair. Looks ridiculous.

  2. SJJanuary 31, 2022 at 11:13 am

    That space between her teeth is so HUGE you could drive a Mack truck through them!