Susan Frye — Akron, Ohio

Susan Frye — Akron, Ohio

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This is Susan Frye. She carried on a 6 month affair with my ex (29yr old, 4 kids, 4yr gf) They’re coworkers. I didn’t find out about it, even though I already knew, until 2 months after it had ended. I was gaslighted to the point of almost committing myself. He admited only half truths. But like always, I found out the rest a few months later. Broke up with him and let him live in my home for 3 months post-break up due to finances. When he realized I wasn’t taking him back… he called her. She literally broke up with her bf THAT day. They took off and stayed in a hotel until I drained OUR account and he couldn’t pay for it anymore. I had my son’s car he took reported stolen and he was forced to return it. They spent the next 20days shacked up in a bedroom she rented from her friend while I was at home raising our kids on my own. They got an apartment together last week. Even though he knew I will NEVER let my 18 month old baby any where near this dumb bitch. He admitted he is only using her for a place to stay and a ride to work (his car is a pos). He told me he didn’t love her and only went where he had a place to stay. But yet she willingly moved in with him anyways. She is trash. Any woman who would facilitate a man who just disappears from a woman and 3 children is f**ing scum. I can’t wait till he starts cheating on her πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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