Sydney Arnold — Homewrecker

Sydney Arnold — Homewrecker

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Sydney Arnold is one of the biggest skanks in Cheyenne. She made it her life’s mission to destroy marriages and relationships. She tried to be a friend to my friend all while trying to sleep with her husband. She succeeded. Well we know it’s his fault too, but it’s her fault as well. Once my friend found out about the affair, they decided to try and save their marriage for the sake of the kids. Fine. Sydney didn’t stop there. She continued to text him AND my friend. She would send him dirty pictures, try to say thing like “you need to leave that b1tch”, Etc. She kept using fake numbers to text them from and when she would get blocked she would create a new one. She would create fake profiles on social media to harass them as well. Sh1t she even tried to say she thought she was pregnant but didnt know if it wasn’t my friends husbands or if it was her boyfriends. Then came back a couple days later and said she was just fuking with them. This girl is literal trash and deserves to be thrown out like the garbage that she is. If you want a quick fuk, she’s your girl. If you need drugs, she’s also your girl. She also likes to snitch on other people for the same sh1t that she’s doing.

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  1. Don’t matter.April 15, 2019 at 8:55 pm

    It wasn’t even this girl. Someone is impersonating her and harassing a couple who yes she slept with but it was 9 years ago. Right before the couple even started dating. Whoever posted this is just real fuking jealous of this girl.