Sylvia BevIington – Orlando, Florida

Sylvia BevIington – Orlando, Florida

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She is an ugly gross desperate woman with different baby daddies and can’t keep any man . She used to sleep with my husband before I met him. When she was sleeping with him she was separated 35 he was 24 , her 17 yr old daughter even had a crush on my husband and she still slept with him. He ended it when she caught feelings. For whatever reason she started texting my husband again years after us being married and then it turned sexual to sexting and nudes. I saw phone bill texted her, she played dumb but then finally said they were hiding their friendship cause I never liked her. I was real nice and kind she was, even said she’s not that kind of woman who disrespects another relationship and would never do that. And then had the nerve to ask me to keep texting him , I said no of course. She also let me apologize for acting “crazy”. I reviewed the bill again and saw how much they were texting and photos being sent. My husband finally came clean they were sexting sending nudes. Her teeth looks like she has meth mouth that’s why she keeps her mouth closed for photos

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