Tasmin Kimberleigh Anetts — Homewrecking slore bag

Tasmin Kimberleigh Anetts — Homewrecking slore bag

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a girl who kissed my husband of 9 years (together for 13) at work then they arranged to catch up 2 days later in a hotel room that she paid for so she could fuck my husband. I knew straight away as he never goes that something was up. I felt sick in my gut. But I froze and didn’t prevent it. He left our children and myself so he could do wrong by us. He was gone for 3 hours and spent 45 minutes in the room with her. I asked him the next day for the truth and he lied to me. That was on the Monday (our 9 year anniversary) but by Friday he had told me that he did have an affair with her. To Tasmin Kimberleigh Anetts, I’m here to lecture you on your moral choices. You really need to start valuing yourself and shouldn’t let men use you the way my husband did. You paying for a cheap hotel in Sunnybank so you could have an hour with a married man 21 years your senior is so degrading. Maybe you have daddy issues. Maybe you just haven’t been loved enough by anyone and you needed that little bit of attention to make yourself feel good. Maybe you’re just really selfish and just don’t care about the consequences of your actions and the impact it has on family. Making that terrible choice, fuelled by passion, in hope of something further developing with the man you “of course” ended up sleeping with had told you he has a wife and kids and at no point offered you anything in terms of ongoing romance or commitment. Why you felt it was perfectly fine to fuk my husband I’ll never understand. Next time you have sex with someone make sure it’s with someone that cares about you. Make sure it’s someone that wants to be seen out with you and maybe even take you to dinner first. Respect yourself and your family. And make better choices. Regards, Karma.

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