Taylor Sosa — Detroit, Michigan

Taylor Sosa — Detroit, Michigan

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Ok so my bf used to mess around with Taylor Sosa before us… after that he told her no. She continuously messages him sending pictures and everything. He’s to faithful for it to happen but other ladies that know her watch out!. Fyi she has a bf herself and will deny…

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  1. lmao haters gona hateMarch 18, 2018 at 10:15 am

    She may be who she is ..she may like taken men and she may not but word of advice to all u girls who r posting these women!!! Your only name ur self look bad.
    Show some class !! If ur man is faithful then don’t sorry about it but i will tell u right now men lie..you can’t be around them all day and every day..i have seen a few that take phones to bathroom to hit up a x.they go far and beyond to cheat ok!! It can be part of a woman’s fault but mostly i blame the f*cker that’s cheating on u all.not the other woman..i am not saying ur men r not faithful but u can’t go around bashing the woman, being a jealous HAter…she’s not the one who is sappy to carry the commitment with u its ur man..if he’s gonna cheat then he’s gonna do it..anyways if he wants nothing to do with her then say block her..if he don’t want her or like the attention from her then he will come everything he can to keep her from contacting him on his own……