Taylor Tayvix Twitch Slore

Taylor Tayvix Twitch Slore

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this is Taylor “tayvix” a wannabe model and video game streamer on twitch. she does nothing but flirt wit other peoples boyfriends and post half naked lewd photos of herself on Instagram and onlyfans. no matter how much you dress up, ur still going to be a pathetic insecure little white girl with nothing better to do than play video games all day and be a whore. she thinks she so special cuz she dyed her hair blue and got a few ugly a55 tattoos. all she wants is attention and money. stop trying to pretend to be all coy n sh1t, calling urself a “potato” or “waifu” when in reality ur just another conceited b1tch. go put some clothes on sweetie, ur desperation is showing and the stench from ur dirty a55 p*ssy makes me vomit.

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