Teal Rose LaMusga — Dangerous Cheating Psycho

Teal Rose LaMusga  — Dangerous Cheating Psycho

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Teal is the definition of don’t let a pretty face fool you. She is a violently abusive person who has psychically assaulted all of the people she’s been with. She’s emotionally abusive, controlled and manipulative. She abuses prescription medication, alcohol and other drugs which makes for an extremely unstable person, but don’t get it wrong – she’ll put her hands on you intoxicated or sober. She is very proud of what she’s done to her victims and because of her “pretty face” she gets away with it, crying and claiming to police (if they are even called) that nothing happens or that she’s the actual victim when no one laid a finger on her. She will rape her female partners if they do not give the type of sex she desires. She will threatened you with violence or police if you think about leaving her or reporting her. Her cheating on you is not an if, it’s a when and with how many. She will claim everyone is a friend and keep a very fuzzy boundary line, she will kiss and engage in sexual acts with her friends, but then tell you it’s your fault because you didn’t pay attention to her. Sex is a weapon to her and she will use it to get what she wants: money, free things, job promotions, etc. Don’t be another one of her victims, her last girlfriend is dead. She will primarily prey on women, but if a man falls in her sights and can be of use, she will and he will get the same violent treatment and walked on situation as others. Someone needs to stop this girl, if not for the many she’s already hurt but for her 3yr old daughter’s sake.

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