Tennille Nicholls — Gold Coast, Australia

Tennille Nicholls — Gold Coast, Australia

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This slutty wench has no shame whatsoever and is a true home wrecker. She ruined a family and children by going after a married man for her own selfish sexual and emotional slut needs because she could not be content with finding a single man. She doesn’t care that’s shes crucified a family and friends and children’s souls in the process. I’m ashamed to even know her and be living in the same town as this pathetic homewrecking slutty mole as she is well known around the Gold Coast for her antics. Homewrecker at its finest. She is a truly despicable woman who has no morals or respect for others.  Lock up your husbands ladies.  Homewrecker on the loose. And Tennille just so you know he will not be with you forever so don’t feel special sweetheart if he can do this to a woman he’s been with for over a decade it will be no problem for him to do it to a woman like you.

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