Teresa Brooks — Skanky sloot puppy down the road

Teresa Brooks — Skanky sloot puppy down the road

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Hi my name is jodie , unfortunately I have a home wrecker in my small town of kalona iowa she live off hwy 22 with her kids and momma her phone number and name is Teresa Brooks {redacted}. She walked into my life I say the first time was back in May. Bobby brought her over cause he had to talk to Larry well Bobby and Larry told her you have to go meet my wife inside she’s crazy and if she comes outside and see you here all hell will break loose. So she suppose to of made some kind of deal with Larry outside on how she’s gonna paint our shop in exchange to get some tree work done for her mom. Well she don’t know after she left I told him she ain’t painting sh1t here better work something else out… Especially when I am not home she is not gonna be here…well back in August me and Larry were arguing pretty bad for about a week straight so I decided to leave for a few days during in which we broke up but he made me take the business phone that had our cameras to the house on. We broke up Sunday morning I say by 10 am she was here. They stayed in the shop alot of the time. So didn’t see inside there now cameras will be going up inside the shop and on the other side of the house. Well his mom came while she was here and I called her ask who the fuk was at the house. She said no of my business ok looks like that sloot down the street I said they ate dinner and Larry and her washes the dishes together making out after that he took her up stairs to our bedroom and I watched them fuk on my brand new bed…. I saw this sloot coming a mile away. Well we broke up on a Sunday back together by Tuesday. I had my kids and figure we need time to talk and work things out. That I was coming home Sunday. Needless to say her knowing we are together she and her dog and kids was here playing house until I came home on Sunday. During that week he did the tree removal for her mom and she was suppose to paint the shop in return. Well at some point I turned the cameras off and deleted the app after I deleted all his customers numbers address off the work list. He told her that if I do your tree work I have to do it this week cause Jodie and James are coming home on Sunday. You will have to get your mom to pay for the tree work which he charged her 420 dollars to do. Cause I told him she ain’t painting shit anywhere in my house or shop. That Saturday at some point late that night she came over and I watched the cameras and he snuck her in our back door to our daughter room. Cause he knows there are no cameras except at the back door. From what I heard she begged and pleaded with him not to let me and our son come back. I was on my way home so he got her the fuk out of here lied to me this whole time about her not being here. Thinking I am gonna aloud them to talk and text back and forth not fuking happening. Our son’s birthday is August 31 I was having his birthday party with Larry and his family here at the house and he gets a text with a picture of homemade apple pie. He told her not to text him anymore and I just got home trying to deal with the fact that she was in my house and on my Harley and fuked her in our bed and his daughters.. I told him tell that sloot to stop fuking texting or I am gone. He did well in December we broke up for a night cause he was pissed off at me started a fight so he could go see her cause they were texting again that night I broke our 55inch smart TV we just bought a week ago. And told him to go get the sloot puppy he took off all night and said he was at Jesse’s house yea with that sloot I left for the night took James to my moms and the next day came to drop off car and get my stuff which he says get the TV packed up I found the receipt we are gonna take it back. He looked at me caus I was in so much devastated that I sat down on the steps to our bedroom and cried and thinking wtf is this really it. pissed off cause the night before he had her in the house again Letting her answer his phone and let her down grade me saying honey he doesn’t want his sh1t broke anymore and he’s with her I said whatever sloot just wait when you leave the house he will be texting me begging me to come home she said he bought me a promise ring I said good for you he bought be 3 engagement rings and a promise ring.. so I flip sh1t thinking she stole my rings I had above the sink which one my sister got me for Christmas. Telling me that she’s packing my sh1t I am screaming at her to leave my sh1t alone and you are lucky I don’t come home and beat your fuking a55. Well needless to say she left he text and we worked things out . That time he tells her we were both mad and in the heat of the argument we were back together so don’t call. Well she text I texted her as him and called her told her to stop calling he don’t want to be with you. So in Feb we got into one of our heated fights and he took off and met up with her well he came home didn’t leave that time and made up she left a voicemail saying you better get ahold of that b1tch of yours to stop calling me or she’s gonna see some crazy my kind of crazy is her kids are gonna grow up without a mom… I said come do it sloot I am waiting for you outside come fuking try pu55y a55 fake a55 can’t back her sh1t up if she tried. I said I am not from this small a55 hillbilly town I am from the QC and we don’t talk shit unless we can back it up and you are lucky I have calmed the fuk down cause back in the day I wouldn’t give a sh1t if you’re mom daughters were in the house I would walk up in that b1tch like I owned it and curb stomp your nasty skanky DRD b1tching a55. But I will wait cause we have to adventurely run into each other some time.. well in Feb she called the cops to get me for harrassment. So the cops were here cause like I said she can’t back sh1t up cop calling pu55y well I was raised that we don’t call cops we take care of the sh1t ourselves so yes your day is coming. Well a few weeks ago me and Larry broke up again and we started talking. But he ran straight to her before I even left town shut the business phone off and hired a new secretary which was her friend my new awesome girl Kristal we get along great so thank you for that skanky sloot anyway our fights got to the point I put a no contact order on him and tried to get it taken off but judge said not to show up to the court date it will be dropped then. We got back together Sunday and Tuesday I was home hiding my car until the next morning for court. So it’s been like 5 times this b1tch had tried to take over my life and be me guess what you can never be me even if he tried changing you into me so during our blow out in Dec sloot took a pic off my Facebook and posted some bullsh1t well the picture had all 3 of my kids and it said she leaves her kids with a pedophile 1st off my other two kids don’t come to my house second don’t get my kids in this shit cause you are mad he doesn’t love or want to be with you like I told you from the start you might be lucky enough to fuck him but he will be coming back to me cause I have the 2 things you can never have that’s his son and his heart… Sorry if that hurts cvnt but learn to find a single man and stop going into people’s houses being a home wrecker if you two were to tell the story it sounds like I came into your house and destroyed your life stupid sloot I been with Larry 3 going on 4 years I put up with his bullsh1t everyday you just have no clue cause when you are together you don’t get past the honeymoon stage which is why you love him so much cause being a rebound is all you have and get from him.. well around April she worked when we took a break and he owed her 40 bucks for 4 hours of work cause she begged him to go to work so she didn’t have to work at good will . Well guess who got to drop off her 40 sure in the fuk wasn’t my husband. It was me and his daughter wish I could have seen the look on her face when I pulled up now sloot you know I am in town. Anyways Durning that time Larry swears he didn’t fuk her this time around and I had a UTI so had to go to the ER and found out I had trichomonas which is cureable but not the point when I was pregnant with James found out I got DRD from Larry so that’s 2 DRDs I had gotten from him she been told doesn’t believe any of it . Larry had her believing I was the one on probation and that I didn’t do sh1t except sit on my phone play my games and watch TV. Not true I ran the whole fuking business ask Kristal she is supposed to be your friend so when she posted that sh1t on Facebook about my kids I knew larry would not do something about it so I told my ex husband to message the sloot and have her take that sh1t off her page. She did and now her and my ex-husband are messaging talking sh1t about me and Larry well Wednesday the 15 of may I drove Larry to court so we could get that dropped he texted her on our want there that morning I am still in love with Jodie and my mind is not right, I think I was trying to replace her with you and that’s not right to you. So she comes back with crack slore cause that’s what she heard from my ex-husband well Durning this last time I had a Drs appointment with my psychiatrist cause watching them two fuk in my bed gave me post tramadic stress disorder on top of my manic depression and exstreamly high anxiety. Say I been seeing him for months now and when I walked in the door I told him the truth we broke up I couldn’t get calmed down drove to the house twice popped 4 larzapam and could not calm down still so I was really fuked up shouldn’t have been there or driving at that matter in time my Dr was pissed said you are to never take 4 again then asked him about getting medical marijuana for PTSD because I heard they passed it in Iowa and if I could get off this meds and get that he said when he finds the Dr whose gonna give it out I am on the first of the list cause he don’t want me on this medicine. 3 weeks ago I lost my mind completely to the point that Kristal thought I was crazier than what I really am but dealing with this since August took a hard toll on me and I tried letting it go and it still hurts but not as badly. So last week I got pissed off cause he was being a complete d1ck to me ever since he ended sh1t with her again. So we were kind of arguing and woke up to a note saying that I need to give up something very dear to me!!!!! To show him I love him lol ok so we were in the truck mine at the time and at the stop sign I said I got to go price check on something for my kids and turned the corner and went straight to her house pulled on to the side of the road in front of skanky sloot puppies house and said there you go get the fuk out to bad she wasn’t home at the time this happened would have been funnier you said I had to give up something dear to me and you keep running back to this DRD who looks like a man and meth slore go to her I am giving you up he got mad took the keys out of the engine and start to walk I yelled get in the car we have James in the car so he was pissed got in driveside and we left lmao I thought it was perfect guess he didn’t….. So if you see her hide your man hide everything you hold dear cause she will destroyed it and make you look like the home wrecker

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