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My fiancé and I have been together for almost 8 years, and I thought we were happy. I have helped raise his son, and he helped raise my daughter and new grandkid’s. So this was completely shocking and devastating. Here is my story of the betrayal.

I had recently noticed that the phone that I had bought and paid for was never left where I could look at it. I could hear the beeps and alerts, and asked him about it and he said it was just emails. I thought it was odd, and looked at the phone bill. Yup, there were some strange numbers on it!

Anyway, he started doing side work with a friend that is about 10 years younger than him to make some extra money. The problem is that he also started staying out later and later. Sometimes till 1am some nights. So of course I became suspicious, and started investigating. I looked at his FB and looked through his friends list and realized that the guy he had been doing side jobs with was his ex-girlfriends son, from 18 years ago! I also realized that she was on his FB page! I didn’t pay the cell bill so that it would get shut off, and he left it home one Sunday, Fathers Day. So I heard the alert and looked at the phone and it was this bitch wishing him a Happy Father’s Day. My response was, “Happy Whore Day, Bitch!” That was the beginning of me finding out everything, because I looked through the entire phone. Everything!!!

They had been “sexting” since April of 2011, via a Gmail account that I didn’t know he had, and the phone via a free messaging app that would not show up on the phone. She had even sent him pictures of her “cooter” to him. He has a tattoo of her name on him, which he sent pictures of to her and promised to never cover it up. They had long conversations about what they were going to do when they could get together. In the past few months he had been spending time with her son, to be around her without causing any suspicion by her HUSBAND! That’s right, she is married and talking to my man and sending my bf nasty pictures. So, I took the liberty sending her husband a message notifying him of what she had been doing, and stored the pictures and messages in a safe place if I ever need them.

I confronted him, and he begged me to forgive him. He swore that it was just bs talk and he didn’t care about her at all. He also swears that nothing physical happened. He is covering the tattoo, and admits that he was stupid. He has closed all the accounts and even got rid of the phone. I am working to forgive him slowly, if I can.

The point is this; she is a nasty whore that should stay to her own marriage. She has been married before, and cheated from what I understand. If you live in my area, please beware of this homewrecking whore!! She lost, and I won, but still….She deserves payback.



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  1. DivaAugust 1, 2013 at 12:13 pm

    Keep a close watch on his cheating ass to make sure this does not happen again! If he can’t handle that then he doesn’t deserve another chance. He should be trying everything he can to prove to you that he won’t do this again. As for her, just keep him away from her and remember that you’re better than her. She is a cheating whore who hurts people so don’t waste any time hating her.