Theresa Stevens New Jersey

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I would like to post my story about this lying and manipulating piece of garbage. Her name is Theresa Stevens from Tuckerton New Jersey. I know that my husband is to blame for stepping outside of our marriage and having our family falling apart and fighting. The only reason I am so angry at Theresa is because she knew he was married and knowingly went through with a sexual affair for months. She helped him with excuses to cheat, helped him put his job on the line, helped him lie and abuse my understanding of working overtime for the family and contributed to his mental breakdown when he tried to leave her causing him to become very ill. After finding out about her personally through her family member helping with showing me evidence, it was not only with my husband; she has made a moneyless career out of sleeping with married men.

My situation is so disgusting that legally I cannot disclose all details at this time, however I will say that after listen to Theresa’s voicemails on my husbands cell, reading through text messages and tons of emails I am disappointed that she is classified as a women and able to represent us. Theresa is ruthless and despicable. I have proof of other married men that she has slept with and it is just disgusting. I don’t think I ever met in my life someone who has thought so low about themselves that they had to try to make another human being feel as low or lower than she has. I felt sorry at first for Theresa having to seek married men out for sex and then blackmailing them when they wanted to cut her off, but now she deserves her pathetic and miserable life. What me and the other wives don’t deserve is the STD’s and PID’s, the kids don’t deserve the mental and emotional roller-coaster ride that you helped create with their father’s. Not knowing a man is married and then finding out is one thing but to start off knowing a man is married and living at home with his wife and kids is a total different situation and so is continuing the affair months later.

My husband and the other men never left home or their families so you cannot even use the excuse “he told me he was leaving” which by the way is the oldest in the book. You are a disgrace to women and a repulsive skank. I want to thank you for helping me keep the house for my children to be able to stay in their community and continue in the same school with friends, my suv, my alimony and increased child-support. My guess is you thought you were going to be able to upgrade, but let me give you a lesson on “Barracks Queens” they are all downgrades and wear-out very quick because of their easiness. Good Luck with your future in Homewrecking and I hope all of the Tri-State area knows what a train-wreck you are. I understand that nobody has to tell you to go to hell, because your life is hell and your insides are infested with stench and toxins. Best wishes to you:)



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