Tiffany Willcutt Mansfield Massachusetts

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Well I’ve been married to my husband for 11 years & together a total of 14 years. Together we have 7 children. Well my husband and I fell into some marital problems in 2010. Before this, we were that happy couple with a beautiful family that people like this slut Tiffany Willcutt envied. As part of our weekends, I would host poker games in my home for my husband & his friends. This home wrecker attended these games. Our families were, we’ll say friendly but not exactly friends. Long story short I found out my husband had been texting with this hoe on and off so I confronted him. As most men do, he claimed “she was just a friend.” I left it alone because I was raised that a woman should respect her husband and not doubt him ever.

Well when our fights got worse in 2012, I separated from him & asked him to go stay with his mother, because I didn’t want to continue fighting in front of our children. It wasn’t fair to them. I allowed him visits (sleep overs) all along believing that our children were okay because they were at his mother’s house. Come to find out through a family member, he had moved in with this chick, who is also a pill addict, and he had my children staying there. She was even trying to play mommy to our kids and spanking my girls. I flew off my lid and stopped letting him see them.

Long story short, time passed and we were civil to each other. We reconnected and with his promises of change, I allowed him to move back home. Our children were happy to have daddy back. She has not only destroyed our home and my trust for people, but has destroyed more homes then I can count on one hand. She recently did the same thing to a friend of mine! My husband was no Saint in all of this, but this is one whore I advise all woman to be aware of! She has no soul!!



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