Trenton Wieties — Collinsville, Illinois

Trenton Wieties — Collinsville, Illinois

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Used Snap chat to meet me. Said his name was Travis White, told me lies to like him. Found out his name is Trent Wieties and he is married. Talked for months and he pretended to be interested in more than sex. Made it sound like he wanted a relationship. He could only talk at certain times he said because of work but found out it is because he is married. He used me for sex and once he was done cancelled his snap chat and phone number. He is a horrible person and even uses his kids as ways to relate. Says he is in the military and that also may be a lie. It has been a month and I think he may have given me chlamydia, going to doctor this week to check. Stay away from this cheating married diseased guy so you don’t end up like me.

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  1. Its TRUEJanuary 10, 2019 at 6:35 am

    This is so True. Did the same to me. He will never stop and will travel anywhere in the state to have an affair. He doesnt use protection and spreads diseases. He cuts off his number and when I tried weeks later to call it was assigned to someone else who says they were using an app on phone and it assigns a fake number. How no one has beat this guy yet just amazes me. How his wife has not left him or caught something from him amazes me. One day he will get the hurt and pain he has caused all of us 10 fold.

  2. Smarter than You ---> Trent Wieties the diseased cheaterOctober 16, 2018 at 6:27 am

    How many times does one piece of SH*T little boy need to sleep around. You begged me to meet, you lied about everything, you tried your best and still didn’t get this. Just stop Psycho, I know I am a catch but you certainly are not. You have been caught in all your lies. You can’t even hide it anymore because you have been doing it so long not even you can keep it straight. I changed my number i got rid of all the accounts you contacted me on. Give it up already crazy …. Because “You will never get this” You are pathetic and the begging is ridiculous. All this just for sex that you will never have. Maybe if you would stick with all the other women you screwed over and lied to you wouldn’t need to constantly be looking for others. You have a Problem and you need help. I am so happy I realized who you are in time to stop all contact and avoid being another victim.

  3. Wow again and again - He is all overSeptember 22, 2018 at 8:59 am

    This guy tried to hook up through tinder with me. After chatting on tinder we started snapping on snapchat. Caught him in so many lies it was so obvious that he was cheating and hiding everything. He said his name is Trent White – haha he tries to keep some things the truth in attempt to remember all the lies. Tried to convince me to meet by sending dick pics …. dude you have nothing special thats why the pics didn’t work “Tiny”. He bugged me all summer trying to meet up at a hotel. My friends enjoyed laughing at all the crap he tried. Used many sob stories about his life and kids, then a sad story about his cheating wife that left him and the kids for another man, He pretty much summed up what he does to his family and said his wife did it to him. What a joke this guy is. My friends and I never had so many laughs before until reading what he sent and standing him up as a flea bag hotel. Ha Ha you cheater. Dude you are all over the internet so get some new fake names before you try your lies attempting to get sex.

  4. ProteusSeptember 16, 2018 at 7:19 am

    Do his friends call him Tighty?