Veronica Moran — Miami, Florida

Veronica Moran — Miami, Florida

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I was pregnant with my first child and living with my boyfriend. I was the breadwinner of the household while he was in school. She would not accept the fact that he had moved on and started a family with me. He had my parents trust and financial support as well. She harrasssed him with threats, she sent numerous naked photos of herself, when I found out, I was devastated and we got into a horrific fight. He left and went back to her, then they both plotted to kick me out of the apartment that I was in. Apparently she promised to help him keep it and kick me out so that he could use it as his “studio” I had to call the cops on him as he became enraged after I told him, that if he were breaking up with me to be with her, then he needed to to do the right thing and leave and move in with her.

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  1. EgushSeptember 3, 2017 at 4:54 am

    Seriously, who takes a selfie of themselves looking like this?? So weird.