Vesta Richardson — The home visit slore

Vesta Richardson — The home visit slore

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This woman came into my life as my Healthy Start lady. She would come into my home once a week and visit with me and my baby for 3 years. Now, 9 years later I found this slore in my husband’s inbox fuking herself with nasty dildos, butt plugs at work, oh and playing with her old lady saggy tits. She was “goddess” in my husbands messenger. She had the nerve to be my friend all while she was falling in love with my husband. And had the nerve to message me and say how sorry she was for me and the misscairage I suffered all while she was sending my husband all these nasty a55 nudes. Which makes me wanna vomit thinking about the pictures I saw.. mind you this woman works with kids and her husband said he sold all the nudes to 9th graders.. So I wouldn’t trust this woman in your home, or around your husband or kids. She left me a single mom of 3 kids all because she couldn’t leave my husband alone and my husband couldn’t not fall into that nasty sh1t. But hope you enjoy your boss knowing all about it slore ๐Ÿ™‚ oh and this picture of her was referring to my husband’s “huge” d1ck! ๐Ÿ˜‚ hope her husband has a great life with that trash!!!

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