Vicki Steele — Darlington, United Kingdom

Vicki Steele — Darlington, United Kingdom

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Back in 2016 this woman was left by her then husband after all her untidiness came to a head. He returned for Christmas from working overseas to find the new house they had purchased only 18 months earlier in a horrible state. She has history of this but always in rented forces accommodation. Her name is Victoria Furniss/Steele and has since spent all her time posting lies and insults on social media, she has continually harrassed and stalked his friends and family members and even got laughed out of court by saying she couldn’t work ever again in an attempt to get lifetime maintenance. She has even got a supposed boyfriend Steve Baird to send messages to her ex husband and his girlfriend in an attempt to now ruin what they have. She is a vindictive and sad woman who will call you as soon as your back is turned……watch out for her……she’s pure poison

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  1. Mrs. MedicSeptember 17, 2018 at 5:00 pm

    Hahaha, I remember this dirty bitch from when my hubby was posted in Munster. He said she used to drive a sandwich van around camp and always stank of cat piss and BO. We used to call her sticky Vicky after a friend of mine moved next door to her and found her house a right mess, shit everywhere….literally. we used to feel sorry for her hubby having to put up with her disgusting habits…….I even heard she got thrown out of the doctors once for always being there and nothing was ever wrong with her…….just hypochondria. I remember once my friend telling me it was like living next door to a wailing banshee…..she was do shanty screaming and wailing at the kids. One time she even broke the front door glass by slamming it so hard in a tantrum with the children……..what a cow.