Vicki Steele — Darlington, United Kingdom

Vicki Steele — Darlington, United Kingdom

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Back in 2016 this woman was left by her then husband after all her untidiness came to a head. He returned for Christmas from working overseas to find the new house they had purchased only 18 months earlier in a horrible state. She has history of this but always in rented forces accommodation. Her name is Victoria Furniss/Steele and has since spent all her time posting lies and insults on social media, she has continually harrassed and stalked his friends and family members and even got laughed out of court by saying she couldn’t work ever again in an attempt to get lifetime maintenance. She has even got a supposed boyfriend Steve Baird to send messages to her ex husband and his girlfriend in an attempt to now ruin what they have. She is a vindictive and sad woman who will call you as soon as your back is turned……watch out for her……she’s pure poison

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  1. VicsterNovember 3, 2018 at 12:57 pm

    Omg another one obsessive much !!! My ex husband just can’t let it go. I love the pic taken after a storm and he wouldn’t help clean it up cause that’s woman’s work, lazy fat wanker. He neglects to mention he arrived home at Xmas after going to see his mistress for a fuck, dirty slapper. Not the first time he will stick his tiny dick in anything dirty does ease ridden Arsehole that he is and if you are unfortunate to be married to him he will either withhold sex to control u while fucking anything else or he will force anal sex on you just to hurt you he’s an absolute joy especially after he’s sat about for three days without a shower or has gone out drinking and then pees all over you in bed like a three year old.
    Lol he’s got that a bit wrong his evidence was thrown out off court I was awarded the maximum time of maintenance allowed decreasing in the hope of going back to work which is what I asked for as I tried to be fair and was given the option of having it raised again if I couldn’t get back to work. My medical issues are many now thanks to this wanker assaulting me and putting me through emotional and mental abuse for years but hey those in the wrong always try and deny the obvious even telling lies about it. The judge took my medical issues very seriously which is why I got the max allowed. Funny he keeps going on about this as his own barrister dropped him as a client as he told so many lies and didn’t turn up to any court date as he would rather go on holiday than sort his divorce after insisting on going to court himself but three he wouldn’t show up he may have been arrested. Judge wasn’t to happy he told lies about his income and refused to provide financial details to the court and sent a note like your mum writes to get you out of PE telling lies about his leave rotation dickhead it stated on your contract your leave rotation and your credit card said you had just been to South Africa fucking pillok.
    Oh dear adie did the fact my new partner didn’t like you sending your sad pics and using your new girlfriend to get to your wife so he let Magda know not go down well. Maybe you should stop trying to use Magda Engelbrecht to get to your wife and you should stop using lies and shit about your wife to manipulate and control poor little Magda and her friends.
    Sad sad sad mrsmedic omg that’s made my fucking day bless him just can’t leave me alone can’t stop telling lies and can’t stop trying to hurt people bless lucky I don’t give a shit really

  2. Mrs. MedicSeptember 17, 2018 at 5:00 pm

    Hahaha, I remember this dirty bitch from when my hubby was posted in Munster. He said she used to drive a sandwich van around camp and always stank of cat piss and BO. We used to call her sticky Vicky after a friend of mine moved next door to her and found her house a right mess, shit everywhere….literally. we used to feel sorry for her hubby having to put up with her disgusting habits…….I even heard she got thrown out of the doctors once for always being there and nothing was ever wrong with her…….just hypochondria. I remember once my friend telling me it was like living next door to a wailing banshee…..she was do shanty screaming and wailing at the kids. One time she even broke the front door glass by slamming it so hard in a tantrum with the children……..what a cow.

    • VicsterNovember 3, 2018 at 12:59 pm

      Mrsmedic you mean adie Furniss or was it Magda Engelbrecht one of you trying to excuse your disgusting behaviour and cover up your affair by telling lies about innocent people oh dear so sad but glad to know I’m such an important part of your life to go to all the trouble adie lololol