Victoria Kaiser — Home wrecking slore who loves married men

Victoria Kaiser — Home wrecking slore who loves married men

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This isn’t Victoria’s first married man with kids. She went after my husband and slept with him one week after meeting him. They met at a bar drank for hours and told him she want to sit on his face. So off they went to get a hotel room (which she paid for). She paid for everything because otherwise i would find out about them. Well it wasn’t hard i figured it out after a week. She even came up with the lie right after that no one can ever find out, tell everyone they are just friends or she would never be accepted as the home wrecking slore she is. She knew that breaking up a 11 year marriage with 3 kids isn’t the way to get people to accept her. She even told my husband that she is allergic to latex therefore no condom used (she was a dental assistant btw, don’t they use latex gloves). This affair went on for 2 months, she called me telling me he doesn’t love me. I told her he is still sleeping with me and playing us both. She had no remorse for a family she was breaking up, no remorse for 3 little kids. I even found them together at her work and kicked her a55. She told everyone at her work i was her previous married mans wife so no one would know she did it again! . This sloot only cares about herself.

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