Virginia Harper Married Slore

Virginia Harper Married Slore

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Virginia is married but she’s a lying cheating slore. Her self esteem is so low that she can’t be happy with what she’s got at home with her husband & 3 children that she has to seek out men for attention & sex. She doesn’t care if their single, married or even her friends boyfriends or husbands. She’ll have numerous men she’s cheating with at different times. She thinks cause her husband cheated on her in the past it makes it ok that she’s been doing it all these years. She’ll use whatever social media, app or smart device for her cheating. She’ll ask them for $ she’ll tell them her husband is a drunk on drugs that she doesn’t have $ for food or bills that the kids need their help. These men fall for her BS. She loves to play the poor me card I’m a abused wife he treats me so badly then she’s over here tearing down her husband while sleeping with yours. She doesn’t care about their race or age she only wants their $$$ the more they have to give her the more she wants them. So if u come across her trust me she doesn’t want your man just his $$ but your man will be stupid enough to believe her poor victim story & all her lies of I love u I want to be with you so he’ll open that wallet to her once it’s dried up she’ll move on.

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