WENDY KLAHR Lying Cheating Manipulative Home-wrecking SLORE

WENDY KLAHR Lying Cheating Manipulative Home-wrecking SLORE

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Don’t let her heavily filtered photos deceive you, not only does this crater faced hag sell real estate, she sells herself like a commodity. This tramp cheated on her wonderful husband with the husband of her “best friend” of 11 years. The bimbo actually lied to her friend’s husband to convince him that his wife was cheating on him so he would sleep with her. The whore pretends to be this proper woman raised with strong religion but she is in fact such a bed hopper that she lied to her son about who his actual father is and convinced some other guy she slept with to pretend to be his father. This skank fancies herself to be classy and spares no opportunity to show the world what trading up in husbands got her. It’s a darn shame he didn’t pony up some of that money for plastic surgery so he would only be married to someone who spreads her legs for anything but alas he’s stuck with a decaying carcass who allows him to violate her and her heavily trafficked cavern in any way he chooses too bad she’s an absolute troglodyte. Hope he has a paper bag handy. Please feel free to share with the Seattle, WA, Boise,ID, and Delta UT communities so all her family and “friends “ can see the real monster she is. She’s on Facebook, LinkedIn and a million real estate websites so my friends sharing is caring.

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