William Swihart — Plymouth, South Carolina

William Swihart — Plymouth, South Carolina

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Me an my fiance were laying in bed playing with each other an our then 3 year old daughter laughing having a good time an out of nowhere she rolls over an checks her fone an says I think we should brake up. After having sex an cuddling all night I went to my best friends house the next day an she tells me thru text that it’s really over while she’s with this prick. An she been talking to him for about 2 months before me broke up. It then only took him less than 2 weeks to get her in bed an get in a relationship with her. In which time they didn’t even use any protection an he came inside her. After me bawling my eyes out for 4 months he throws her to the side cas he was done with her an she came back to me begging me to take her back. Less than a month after getting back together she tells me she thinks she’s pregnant an she thinks she had a miscarriage. But to this day she swears it wasn’t a miscarriage.

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