Yolanda Smith Goines Columbus, Georgia


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I’ve been in what I thought was happily-ever after marriage. My husband and I have been together since February of 2002, when we meet in college. We were thought of being in-separable, having a great and strong marriage and enjoying our three beautiful children, however I was wrong.

We moved into a larger home in April 2013, with my husband willing to work a second job to increase our savings for a couple of months. He got a great job at a Hospital in May 2013. While working there he encountered this home-wrecking bitch.

Her name is Yolanda Smith Goines. She works she works the 1st shift and he works the 2nd shift.

While working she continued to flirt uncontrollably (as vouched from other co-workers) telling my husband that “she’s not married, has only 1 child and is sometimes lonely”. With her knowing that my husband is married with 3 children, and this was his second job, she somehow found time to continued to pursue my husband. After asking over and over again, she verbally invited him to meet her at Cooper Creek park in August “just to talk”.

Now I have to stress that my husband does not have a cell phone and has not had one since 2008, so the arrangement behind this affair, means that she stayed several days after her allotted shift just to flirt and continue her “hoe-ish” tendencies, in hopes to “have” my husband!

So just as my husband is at fault, so is this bitch, Yolanda.

He got off his first job earlier, in effort to meet her at the park and there she insisted that he got into her car, to “listen to music”. (knowing my husband is a huge music lover). So he did, and she then started to rub on him and kiss him as she undressed herself and jumped on my husband in the front seat. What a hoe…. As I was planning our annual family Christmas party, I came across my husband’s email with a picture of her stack and no class having vagina with the subject titling “your pussy” that was sent on Dec 18, 2013 at 11:09pm.

After inquiring about to my husband, that’s when he opened up about everything, and also shared with me that the picture with her in the orange Auburn sweatshirt is a picture that he took of her with his ipod of course because again, he doesn’t have a cell phone. And it’s so funny because this is the same picture that she has on her Facebook page.

Only later did I find out by another co-worker that she is married. She’s married to a U.S soldier and they have 2 daughters. My heart goes out to her husband as he doesn’t know what his wife is doing to both him and his family but to the families that she’s destroying with her epic attempt to sleep with all the new men that work at the Hospital.

I would like to ALERT everyone who lives in Columbus Georgia, as she is a hoe and she’s not afraid of losing not only her family but willing to destroy anyone who looks her way….

I can only pray at this moment and would gladly take any suggestions……

A faithful wife being betrayed again……

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