Yoyi Joe Handley — Cheater

Yoyi Joe Handley — Cheater

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I met her thinking she was a single mom. She is part of RGV pullers arm wrestling. Somebody told me she was married. She has tatoos on her back and above her pu55y. Puerto Rican with 3 kids. She’s into tinder and that’s where I saw her. I’ve been contacting guys online and sending them pics of her on Facebook. She works out at Truefit and lost a bunch of weight. She is making up for lost time. I had to hire a private detective to fund out an out her. The detective has found the guys who fuked her. The last guy was heart broken and he was just a pu55y. He wouldn’t even help me out. He just blocked her on his profiles as did the other guy. She’s not pretty. She has no t1ts and never took off her fuking shirt for me. I’m just making sure guys I track down know she’s bad news. Even after I showed the dude her Facebook profile and her page he just looked her up and blocked her. According to her linkden profile she’s a nurse. The detective I hired followed the dude to her house. When I told him that she was married he was like I didn’t know. If anyone knows her stay away. If you’ve hooked up with her let me know. The last 2 guys were fuking useless.

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